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Research at the EPFL Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory directed by Professor Jean-Louis Scartezzini focuses on energy efficiency and the implementation of renewable energies in buildings and cities.

► Energy savings in buildings and improvement of indoor environment quality and health through:
– Advanced integrated day- and electric lighting systems based on non-imaging optics
– Optimal and adaptive building control
► Optimisation of solar energy conversion systems through nanotechnology and architectural integration
► Smart management of cities thanks to modelling and simulation of complex urban systems
(energy flows, solar potential and other sustainability related factors)

Latest News

Oliva Bouvard obtains PhD for research in thin film coatings


Low-e insulation glazing has ceased to generate Faraday cages and novel electrochromic coatings were developed thanks to Olivia Bouvard's research in thin film coatings. On Friday 18 January she obtained her PhD for the two research proj

LESO-PB technology helps win the 2019 Watt d'Or


Railway company BLS SA has won this year’s Watt d’Or award for its highly energy-efficient NINA trains. Among the technology featured in the trains is a special kind of window glass developed at EPFL’s Solar Energy and Building Phy