Spin-offs, start-ups and transferred knowledge

Technology Transfer (examples)

Spin-off and Start-up companies

  • kaemco: Sustainable urban development, energy, building physics, modelling
  • cap77: Energy efficiency and renewables
  • Solstis: Photovoltaic integration systems
  • E4Tech: Building energy analysis software LESOSAI
  • EPIQR Rénovation: Indoor Environmental Quality Retrofit software
  • Rhyner énergie Sàrl: Building energy study and design
  • Estia: Daylighting, building control
  • Neurobat: Biomimetic control of technical building facilities
  • SwissInso: Colored solar panels

logo e4tech   logo epiqr    logo solstis       neurobat logo neuro grey bat green text underneath interior climate technologies swiss inso logo blue to left dotted square below text innovative solar solutions

Other companies using LESO-PB know-how

logo adhoco - adaptive home control - red, lower case with 3 dots on either side getting smaller      

Active webtools

solarintegrationsolutions.org – innovative solar products for building integration – a database and planning help developed in the framework of IEA SHC Task 41

www.glassdbase.ch – an independent and comprehensive building glass database set up by University of Basel, Switzerland and now managed by LESO-PB

Software tools

►► Software tools developed or co-developed by LESO-PB see separate page

Norms and standards

The LESO-PB has also been involved in the writing of European Norms and Standards (Prof. C.A. Roulet – Thermal performance of building components).